Fields of Employment

Fields of Employment

Industry Employers

With over 15 years of operation as a training provider, Complex Institute of Education  has developed extensive employer contacts  and has weeded filtered out any who are not beneficial to our graduates. 

Hospitality Jobs :

We have contacts from large companies to small local businesses in all types of the industry e.g. cafes, restaurants, bars, festivals, hotels, nightclubs.

Cleaning Jobs:

Are you reliable, physically fit, and able to work at a range of times during the day or night? Are you a good communicator who is able to work with limited supervision? Cleaning may be for you. There are a wide range of environments you may choose to work in including hospitals, schools, shopping centres, offices and domestic homes.


These cover a wide range of roles and duties. At completion of training we have placed graduates in the following areas

  • Control room
  • Armed guarding
  • Cash in Transit
  • Screening
  • Courts
  • Airports
  • Loss Prevention
  • Concierge
  • Guard House
  • Shopping Centres
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Static Guarding
  • Major Events
  • Crowd Control

Security Equipment

During this course we will assist you with your security registration with the Licensing and Regulation Division of Victoria Police and with the Open or Restricted cabling registration required by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. With these registrations complete we can refer you to contacts across domestic and commercial fields.