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Exciting news. Commonwealth Games jobs are there for the taking in April 2018 on the Gold Coast. GOLDOC jobs in security are your entry into one of the exciting events that come our way far too infrequently so why don’t you make the most of the opportunity and enroll into a security course. There are over 4000+ Security Jobs on offer in a range of areas which put you right amongst the action. 

2018 Commonwealth Games Security Jobs

Commonwealth Games Security is of the utmost importance in these turbulent times as are all venues when big crowds gather. Although 2018 Commonwealth Games careers may seem like a brief experience which is done and dusted almost before the last person has crossed the line in the Marathon, think what a valuable item it will be on your resume and what great memories you will have of athletes of the world meeting right under your nose. 

  • Would you like to witness a world record?
  • Would you like to get a wink and a nod from one of the fastest or strongest athletes in the world? 
  • Would you just like to feel the excitement of being there amongst the action and protecting the athletes and the crowds from threats which you’ve been trained to deal with?

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games job opportunities are a direct reward for enrolling in a security course now. Ranging from a couple of weeks to 12 months of well paid work on Commonwealth Games 2018 jobs is going to set you up with new friends, new experiences and impressive qualifications for your next job. Imagine yourself amongst the action as the crowd's roar and the athletes thunder down the track or up and down the pool. Hopefully, you will see Aussies taking the benefits of their home ground advantage on the Gold Coast and bringing home armloads of medals. 


Goldoc jobs may be an area you haven’t considered as something too distant, too inaccessible. It isn’t, and if you complete a suitable security course soon, you are going to be fitted to be right amongst the successful applicants for the 4000+ Commonwealth Games jobs Gold Coast. Could there be a better venue to work than on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia’s favourite playground?  This could be your entry into the world where security jobs are going to be of increasing importance to keep us all safe and happy. 

How Complex Institute can assist you with working at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018)

Complex Institute of Education has strong established relationships with the biggest Security Employers in Australia. CIE has been listed as the preferred training provider of security for the Commonwealth Games.  We will be delivering courses at our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns Campus locations to meet the requirements of trained security guards ready to work at this event. 

We will assist with: 

  • your enrolment paperwork
  • completing an assessment of your eligibility for Government Funding 
  • delivering your training
  • guiding your through your licensing application and National Police Records and Fingerprint check
  • arranging an interview with one of our employer network