Security Job Placement & Recruitment

Security Job Recruitment Services Complex Training Academy offers complimentary Recruitment Services to most of our graduates to assist you with: 

Resume Writing: We’ll help you refine your resume and cover letter writing skills to enable you to present an industry specific and above average application for advertised positions. 

Interview Techniques: We will educate you on what to expect in interview scenarios. The standard questions to expect, how to read interviewers and power statements to create positive energies to increase hiring opportunities. 

Job Matching: We can assist with matching your skills to the relevant job descriptions so you enrol in the best course for your future, whether it be our qualified security course or hospitality training. Don’t waste your time applying for positions that are below your expectations, or for positions that out of your reach. Use effective self marketing for positive results in short time frames. 

Job Interviews: Complex Training Academy has been placing people into work for over 10 years. We work closely with our extensive networks of small and large employers to ensure their recruitment needs are met. We will arrange everything for you to maximize your chances of gaining employment. 

Corporate Attire: Our employer feedback has advised that eight out of ten people fail at interviews automatically through inappropriate interview attire. Our industry specialists will evaluate and advise of appropriate interview attire to ensure you will not fail at interviews through poor presentation skills. 

The unadvertised job market: Most of the interviews we arrange for you are not advertised in the media for the general public. 

The Next Step: Contact us to find out how we can help you, or call us on 1800-441-677 to speak with a member of our recruitment team. Less competition = More possibilities = Better results Our success rate is extemely high for the placement of graduates into paid employment, and remember our Recruitment Services are offered free of charge.