Job Placement & Recruitment

Complex Institute of Education offers complimentary employment services to our students to help gain employment outcomes on completion of training.  These services could simply be arranging a job interview on completion of training or depending on the course can incorporate employability skills training within your chosen field of study.   Our Student Support Services team has years of experience working across all areas of employment services and may be able to assist you in the following areas…

Resume Writing:

Several of our courses include presentations incorporating resume and cover letter writing skills to enable you to present an industry specific and above average application for advertised positions.  You will be provided with a resume pro-forma to help tailor your resume for your industry of choice.

Our recruitment a team is also available to proof read your resume, provide feedback and suggested improvements.  After your initial consultation you are welcome to bring your resume back time and time again until you are 100% happy.  A well written and professionally formatted resume will increase your job interview opportunities, it’s imperative that importance is placed on providing a professional resume as the first step to job hunting success.  

We recognise the importance of job applications to stand out, be well written, be professionally formatted and be specific to the area being sought. Therefore students are provided with: ·        

  • A resume pro-forma to help tailor your response.
  • Assistance from a member of the recruitment team who will read, edit and suggest additions to your resume and continue to meet with you until you are both satisfied. 

Interview Presentation:

Our employer feedback has advised that eight out of ten interview candidates fail at interviews due to inappropriate interview attire.  Our industry specialists can evaluate and advise of appropriate interview attire to ensure you will not fail at interviews through poor presentation. Your presentation is an easy process to get right, and if you do you can rest easy knowing other applicants won’t be as well prepared.  

Our industry specialists will work with candidates on presenting well for their job interview. Employer feedback tells us that inappropriate dress is the major reason for failure at interviews.  We can make sure you get this right. 

Interview Techniques:

We can prepare you for what to expect in interview scenarios, the standard questions interviewers ask, how to relate better with interviewers and the use of positive statements to increase your hiring opportunities. The simple process of ensuring you have all relevant documentation at hand during the interview can increase your success two fold.

Did you know that when you attend an interview 50% of the questions are generally the same?  Interview favourites such as “what are your strengths and weaknesses”, and "why do you want to work for this company?” If you have pre-planned responses for the standard interview questions you can alleviate half of the tension most people experience at an interview.

Our experts can increase your chances to impress in your interview: 

  • By creating likely interview scenarios to practice with. 
  • Predicting standard interview questions 
  •    Showing you how to speak positively
  • Helping you gather all relevant documentation
  • Helping you plan responses to likely questions
  • Showing you how being prepared will decrease your nerves and help you perform at your best. 

Job Matching:

Employers advise us what they are really looking for when they approach us for candidates.  Knowing the behind the scene job requirements means we can match your strengths and characteristics to the right employer and therefore increase your chances of interview success.  It’s amazing how this small edge in the interview process can increase your confidence levels and therefore further increase your chances of success.  

Communication with employers and finding out exactly what they are looking for helps us to match your strengths abilities to the right employer. This increases your chance of success. Knowing you are a good fit for the job gives you a confidence edge which could swing the job your way. 

The Unadvertised Job Market :

Most of the interviews we arrange for graduates are not advertised in the media for the general public. You will therefore be competing against fewer candidates for the work and with less competition you will have better results.  

Complex Institute of Education has access to jobs not advertised in the media and therefore we can improve your chances of a successful application by less competition from others applying for the same jobs. 

The Next Step:

Our success rate is extremely high for the placement of graduates into paid employment, and remember our employment services are offered free of charge.   At Complex Institute of Education we train and educate with the aim of graduates gaining employment, combined with our employment model where we give you less competition with more job possibilities there is a strong chance you will end up with better employment results.  

Contact us to find out how we can help you, or call us on 1800 441 677 to speak with a member of our Student Support Services team.

The course you have completed combined with the help Complex Institute of Education can provide makes you far more likely to find valuable employment.  To find out more, ring one of our Student Support Services Team and see how we can help you.