Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at Complex Institute of Education

At Complex Institute of Education our Quality Management System and all documentation is written, implemented and maintained to meet the most current requirements of the relevant National and State regulatory requirements and standards within an ISO 9001:2008 framework. We strive to continuously improve our business processes as well as our documented Quality Management System, as a whole, in an effort to satisfy our customers and operate our business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Complex will provide advice and support services which assists learners/clients in achieving their identified outcomes. Learners/clients will receive timely and appropriate information on all matters that may affect the achievement of these outcomes.

Complex is committed to its learner/clients to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions that enable learner/clients to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Internal audits are scheduled and carried out regularly at Complex Institute of Education to evaluate the degree that our quality Management System has been implemented and is maintained. These audits ensure that we meet all regulatory standards, compliance requirements, and can demonstrate that we are able to monitor course quality, externally moderate student performance and drive continuous improvement in course delivery.

In addition to these internal audits Complex Institute of Education is regulated and audited by a number of government bodies whom ensure that we have strong business processes and continue to provide quality education and training to students. These regulators include:

  • Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
  • Victoria Police - Licensing & Regulation Division
  • Skills Victoria (Higher Education & Skills Group)
  • WorkSafe Victoria
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

Complex Institute of Education has recently had its registration as a National VET Regulator (NVR) Registered Training Organisation (RTO) extended to 31/03/2017 with Certificate of Registration available at the below link.

'ASQA Certificate of Registration'

Complex Institute of Education Pty Ltd trading as Complex Training Academy is the holder of a Security Business Licence and is approved by the Licensing & Regulation Division to provide security training to students. This current registration can be viewed at the below link.

'Private Security Business Licence'

In the aim of providing assurance to prospective students/employers Complex Institute of Education has provided a copy of our most recent registration audit report from our registering body which is now the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) but was previously (up until July 2011) The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). These Audit reports can be found below.

'Audit report Continuing VET registration'

Quality Indicators

Complex Institute of Education collects, analyses and acts upon relevant data for continuous improvement of training and assessment and also client services. The data which is collected for the mandatory Quality Indicators is used to monitor and improve the quality of operations and strengthen training and business performance.

The quality indicators which are completed at Complex Institute of Education include:

Learner Engagement - This indicator focuses on the extent to which learners are engaging in activities likely to promote high quality skill outcomes and includes learner perceptions of the quality of their competency development and the support they receive or have received from RTOs.

Provided at the link below is a copy of the Registering Body Report that shows the Learner Engagement Surveys that have been completed by students at Complex Institute of Education.

Quality Indicator annual summary report 2014

These indicators are based on a survey of 4000 students. This sample represents above 50 percent of this organisation's training delivery in the 2014 calendar year.  The students surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines.

Satisfaction Surveys

Complex Institute of Education collects, analyses and acts on relevant data for continuous improvement of training and assessment. Complex Institute of Education conducts regular satisfaction surveys, in addition to the Quality Indicator data mentioned above, as a method of collecting feedback on the overall performance of the organisation in delivering a quality product and service to our students and customers.

We thank you for your time in giving us feedback via one of the links on the Feedback/Survey page under the Quality Assurance menu option on this website