Go back 20 years and ask anyone in the street what sort of work holding a security license would provide and inevitably the answer would be, “bouncing at hotels and clubs until 3 in the morning.” 

Fast forward to 2015 ask the same question you will get a very different answer. 

The career options for someone who has undergone security training and obtained the appropriate qualifications for the state in which they live are varied and require a diverse set of interpersonal skills. Age and gender are not obstacles to pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding career in security. Indeed, the only requirement is to not have a police record for serious offences and to have undergone the appropriate security training. There is an entry level literary and numeracy test which anyone who has completed year 10 at school would pass. 

With the proliferation of licensed premises and in particular gaming venues there is constant work for security staff and the this type of work is generally a shift based job which enables the person to adjust their working hours to  suit their life style. All the major shopping centres have significant levels of security deployed around the centre and these jobs provide security guards with a pleasant environment in which to work. Many of our major buildings now have a serious level of security in their foyers and this provides a wonderful career for those who enjoy working with people and who have a friendly easy going manner. As an adjunct to this there is the higher level of security and screening to be found in our Law Courts and Airports. These jobs are highly sort after and can provide a secure and rewarding future with some of Australia’s largest companies.

Another option is mobile patrol and this is particularly attractive for people who like to drive and prefer shift work. Many of the leading hotels are advertising concierge work and require applicants to have undergone security training as well as having the right temperament. One of the most popular streams for those who complete their security training is working on computers in Control Rooms. Other options are Private Investigation and also armed guards for cash in transit. 

So what was once a very one dimensional industry now provides multiple career paths for people with very diverse backgrounds and personalities.