A Career in Security throughout Melbourne with our Courses

Have you considered security as a career pathway? This is a growing area which provides a number of avenues to suit a range of interests and abilities. Complex Institute of Education provides Melbourne’s best security training courses, including aviation and technical specialisations. The CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations will gain you entry into the security industry. If you go on to complete CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations then it will lead to even more job options.

Security training will help you find a flexible, challenging job in Melbourne

If you are someone who has a preference to work largely solo then become an unarmed guard qualified to watch and protect any property. A security course is available and meets Victorian Police Licensing and Regulation Division requirements. CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations is an entry level course to send you on a great career path.

For those who enjoy the stimulation of working amongst customers, then crowd control could be more your thing. This is also met by the Security and Training Course in Certificate II. This course will teach you to be adept in maintaining order in a public place by training you how to keep a premises safe by:

  • Screening customers
  • Monitoring and controlling customer behaviour
  • Removing customers from the premises
  • Making sure customers have paid or invited to.

Technical security training for added workplace value

If you would prefer to combine your interest in the security industry with your technical ability, then Complex Institute of Education also offers UEE31411 Certificate III in Security Equipment. This can put you in the workforce with financially worthwhile skills and confidence.

This training will give you the following expertise:

  • Integrated system installation, maintenance and modification
  • ACMA Open Cabling Registration and Structured Cabling, Fibre Optic and Coaxial Cabling endorsements.

Here is a second to none opportunity to become part of the burgeoning technology industry by simply completing one of our courses.

Security and screening training courses to take your career further

No one can doubt the growing need for screening people at airports, law courts, shipping areas, sporting events and corporate premises. Our security training courses will include a Screening Baggage and People qualification which will give you skills in:

  • Regulations
  • Administering security zones
  • Equipment testing
  • X-ray interpretation
  • Bag screening