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Learn the Art of Security on the Gold Coast with Our Training Courses

Complex Institute of Education offers an exciting opportunity to enrol in a tertiary course to fit you for a role in security. Perhaps school didn’t turn out the way you wanted but here is your second chance to complete the CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations and get entry into the world of security. This area is exploding with work opportunities as we are living in a world where aspects of security are now a big part of life. Your career could become a valuable asset in helping protect people and property.

Open yourself up to a world of possibilities in the Gold Coast’s security industry

Perhaps you can see yourself as an unarmed guard watching and protecting property as your work role. Our security training on the Gold Coast will fit you for that role. Or you may see your employment in a more social context. Crowd control might be where you go after your security course. Here you will be trained to undertake screening customers, monitoring and controlling customer behaviour, removal of customers from the premises or making sure customers have paid or been invited to the venue.

Broaden your options with technical security training

After your security training certificate, you may want to move on to a screening baggage qualification. This can be done by enrolling in our training. This will actually open up your opportunities to work in a host of interesting places which include airports, law courts, shipping areas, sporting events and corporate events.

Specifically you will be able to manage a whole range of circumstances including administering regulations, security zones, equipment testing, x-ray interpretation and bag screening.

Find out more by getting in touch

Our Gold Coast-based security training courses could set you to work in spectacular venues and excellent working conditions. Being part of a security team may be just the thing to give you the job satisfaction you crave. Contact us now about enrolling.