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We at Complex Institute of Education value your feedback to help us continue to offer the best service possible. We are always looking for ways to be even better.

Please select from one of the following Feedback Options (Click on the heading):

Queensland Department of Education and Training – Student Employment Survey (QLD Students Only)

Queensland students in Certificate 3 are required to complete the survey on this web page within three months of completing or discontinuing their training.

Student Mid-Course Survey

Mid course surveys are becoming increasingly valuable to assure effective learning is taking place. They give students an opportunity to comment on their perception of how their learning is progressing. This gives valuable feedback to your trainer.

Trainer Course/Unit Survey

Complex Institute of Education is keen for trainers at the coal face to provide feedback so that adjustments can be made to resources and assessment when they would be beneficial to our students. This is all part of always striving to improve our product.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (Corporate)

Complex Institute of Education also seeks employer feedback so that we can continue to provide quality products and services to our clients.

Student Withdrawal Survey

It is important to us to understand why students might choose to leave a course early. Your honesty is vital for us to work at improving the service we can provide.

Student Cancellation Survey

If you have enrolled to complete one of our courses but have decided not to go ahead and participate then please take the time to fill out this quick survey. Your feedback means a lot to us and will help us become a better company. We value your honesty and appreciate your time in helping make our company as good as it can be.

Student Evaluation of Employment Skills

In the hospitality area practical work placements are an essential part of the course. After the completion of these placements students and trainers can gather valuable information from the workplace supervisor completing an evaluation of work skills demonstrated. This gives students insight into the expectations of their proposed work area and allows trainers to help the student develop in those areas.

Accelerate Program - End of course Survey

Please take the time to complete our ACCELERATE end of course survey. It has been designed to collect detailed feedback on your experience and your personal review of this course. It will help us in working towards maintaining and improving the quality of this course and give us an insight into the benefits and learning experience you had during this training program.

Post Course Question Survey

Student Survey - Computer Use

Thank you for your time. If you would like discuss in person any feedback please don't hesitate to contact one of friendly staff on 1800-441-677 or via email through our enquiries page on this website.