Cancellation & Refund Policy


The laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Victoria govern this refund policy.


If Complex Institute of Education (CIE) cancels the course at any stage during the period of enrolment (prior to the beginning of the course), a refund will be provided based on the following:

  • A full Refund of all fees paid to that date. Students may also choose to be placed in a course at a later date with these fees being fully transferable.


Please refer to the “Cancellation and Refund Policy” policy located in Student Handbook for a full explanation of our Refunds policy and refer below


All Refunds made by Complex Institute of Education will incur an administration fee of $50 with any refunds to be sent in the form of a Company cheque.

Our Refunds policy is subject to the following conditions:

If you advise CIE in writing no less than 2 working days prior to the commencement of your course we will provide a full refund minus the above administration fee

If you withdraw from the course from day 1 up to 25% of the course we will charge $300

If you withdraw from the course after 25% up to 50% of the course we will charge 50% of the full “Fee for Service” cost of the course

If you withdraw from the course after 50% or more of the course we will charge the full “Fee for Service” cost of the course

If you have enrolled and paid any course fee via our online service, the above points will apply to any refund request. You will need to apply for a refund in writing and the refund will be sent in the form of a Company cheque. This cheque will be addressed to the name and address listed on the online enrolment.

Where students have been asked to leave the classroom and not re-join for behavioural reasons the above refund policy will also apply.


If you (the Student) provide written notice to withdraw from a portion of the course only the units completed and claimed will be recognised via a statement of attainment. No payments will be made to students from any government or third party funding. The above student withdrawal/refund policy will apply for VTG funded students for any enrolment/tuition fee paid prior to beginning the course yet all enrolment/tuition fees paid will be forfeited once the course has begun.


5) The student must provide their notice of withdrawal or cancellation in a signed and dated written letter. The claim for a refund must include a reason and must include supporting official documentation of the student’s circumstances for withdrawal/cancellation plus a contact name and telephone number to enable Complex Institute of Education to validate this claim.

6) Date of Cancellation / Withdrawal is the date the written request is received by Complex Institute of Education’s Administration staff.

7) A student should apply for a refund as soon as possible after notice of cancellation / withdrawal is submitted.

8) All refunds will be paid as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days from an approved cancellation / withdrawal notification only if the supporting documentation has been validated during this timeframe.