Technical Security Courses for an Exciting Career in Brisbane

We live in an exciting world where people are being increasingly employed to look out for each other and guard against anything which might hamper the smooth running of society. The security industry has evolved dramatically in recent years as a response to society’s needs and as a result now provides many rewarding career opportunities. Security courses at Complex Institute of Education can fit you for full and part time jobs with flexible hours and shifts throughout Brisbane.

Gain a qualification and a valuable set of skills with our training courses

School may not have worked for you as well as you hoped but here is an opportunity for further education and entry into an exciting field.

Completion of the CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations could be what you have been looking for. If you want to give yourself even more job opportunities, you may like to also consider CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations. Perhaps you see yourself as an unarmed guard watching and protecting property. Or you might prefer a more social context by entering the area of crowd control where your new qualification where your training has fitted you for:

  • screening customers
  • monitoring and controlling customer behaviour
  • removing customers from the premises
  • making sure customers have paid

We can provide specialist security training courses

Also with your security training you might like to move on to a Screening Baggage qualification by completing some additional training. This will fit you work in the many places in which customer screening now is necessary. Airports, law courts, shipping areas, sporting events or corporate events could be the exciting setting for applying your new qualification. Completion of this course will make you adept in administering regulations, security zones, equipment testing, x-ray interpretation and bag screening.

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As you can see, completion of security training course can be just the thing to open up your opportunities to a fascinating new career.