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Security could be the kind of job you have been searching for. Complex Institute of Education has an opportunity for you to get into the rapidly growing security industry by completing a security training course. There is no doubt security is on everyone’s minds. This can be contrasted with shrinking career opportunities in many other areas, so this is your chance to get into this area and fit yourself for full time or part time employment with flexible hours and shifts.

Our training expertise opens up a world of security career options

School may have been a dead end for you but here is a tertiary course with no entry requirements, which will give you CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations and gain you entry to the security industry. To give you an even wider spread of job opportunities you can also complete CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations.

Are you someone who prefers to work alone? After completing your certificate, you might like to find employment as an unarmed guard where your responsibility will be to watch and protect property. But many of us want to be amongst people in our work. Your certificate will also have qualified you in crowd control. Here you will be competent in screening customers, monitoring and controlling customer behaviour, removing customers from the premises, or making sure customers have paid.

Get a career in security with our comprehensive training

More opportunities in the security area exist where if you take the time to complete some security training, you will gain a control room and screening baggage qualification. This will open up to you the possibility of working in a large range of exciting venues where you could work in a cohesive team in great conditions. Airports, law courts, shipping areas, sporting events, corporate events could all be your workplace where you are carrying out important work in making the surroundings safer. With this qualification you will be expert in administering regulations, security zones, equipment testing, x-ray interpretation and screening of items.

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Is it time for a good change in your life? Security training courses in Bendigo could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for to give you a more fulfilling and exciting career.