Mr Peter Whitford

With over 30 years of business management experience including being the founder and CEO of Complex Security Management Pty Ltd since 1984, Peter is both capable and experienced in all management, executive and board roles. Peter possesses the skills, acumen and attributes sought by organisations at all stages of their business cycle. He shows considerable management expertise, team development skills, financial acumen and project management capabilities.

A reputation for the fast uptake of new ideas and a thorough understanding of both running a successful security company and a Registered Training Organisation including both technical and commercial concepts, Peter has a proven ability to create a vision, to communicate that vision and to maintain focus on its achievement. A proven record of strong negotiating skills at all levels including Government, Unions, Media and Corporate, Peter has worked closely with Government and regulators through filling association and council roles such as President of the Security Trainers Association and a current sitting member of the Victorian Security Industry Advisory Council (VISIAC).

In addition to having a thorough understanding of the management, marketing, financial and training roles influencing the operation of Complex Institute of Education, Peter is a manager with a flexible approach to problem-solving including lateral thinking and active involvement of others with more experience or higher skill levels.

Peter has a high-level understanding of both the Security and Educational business environments with a range of current security qualifications and security licence categories. He has completed all educational requirements in training and assessment and is approved by the Victorian Police – Licensing & Regulation Division to deliver training for the areas of Unarmed Guard, Crowd Control and Investigations.

Peter has shown a deep understanding that service environments cannot be successful without collaborative work teams that operate seamlessly and have a commitment to the systems and administrative rigour that support them. Peter has a proven record of taking concept and strategy and turning it into operational reality. As a leader, Peter shares new ideas, alternate ways of looking at problems and has developed a culture that nurtures these within the companies he has been involved.