Manager Business Support Team

Mrs Lyn Whitford

Lyn is married to Peter and has been involved in the business from its inception in 2001.

Over the past seven years, Lyn has been in charge of the Business Support Team. This is a critical role in the business as every completed file comes through Lyn’s department for final auditing and upon completion cataloguing for storage.

The Business Support Team is responsible for all re-booking of students at the Melbourne Campus as well as data transfer on all student files to the Victorian Department of Education and Training. They also issue Certificates to all students who have completed their qualification.

Lyn is directly responsible for the Business Support Functions at each of the Campuses and ensuring each Campus is adopting best practice and is compliant with all their auditing processes.

Over the years Lyn has become the custodian of the CIE culture and is responsible for the Service Awards each year.