Digital Marketing Manager

Mr Heath Anderson-Closey

Heath has brought to Complex Institute of Education (CIE) a unique set of skills from his previous 25+ years in business. Heath has always been very hands on with companies at various stages of their business cycles including; seed/development stage, start-up stage and the growth and establishment stages. This has been predominantly in the position as Director, where Heath has been the primary driver of the strategic direction and innovation of these groups.

Heath's relentless pursuit to accurately measure, critically assess, and subsequently interpret and present key performance metrics, have been the basis that the CIE board have been able to endorse his marketing initiatives and recommendations.  Four of Heath's major initiatives; Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy, The Student Information Centre (SIC Bay), Coffee & Donuts and the Job Seeker Pickup & Drop off service initiatives have substantially increased revenue and impressively have been achieved with net savings in costs.

Heath has a genuine passion for digital marketing, extensive experience in supplier management and negotiation, access to trusted & established networks, is always motivated for innovation, has a clear understanding of corporate objectives and a meticulous eye for detail.  These skills have enabled CIE to implement a lead generation system from numerous channels that feed directly into CRM for efficient lead & prospect harvesting.  CIE also generates a growing email database that is segmented and communicated to with an evolving lead nurturing program.

Heath (with two decades experience coaching amateur and professional sport) understands how to nurture, develop, motivate, empower and grow performance of individuals and teams.  Heath not only manages the SIC Bay team which has now grown to 7 but also provides strategic direction for the sales, marketing and enrolment teams. These teams consist of another 12 people who may be running upwards of 20 projects at any one time including various digital marketing channels.