Training Manager - Security

Mr Erhard Wiedemann

Erhard has had an extensive career in both the cleaning and security industries over the last 40 years.

He has worked in both industries in the capacity as both an operator and a business manager and has become a leader in his field.

Through his role as Training Manager Erhard provides the necessary resources, support and direction for the efficient management, performance and continued viability of the business primarily relating to the training department.

His security experience encompasses working in the security industry in both licensed venues, event environments and the healthcare industry. He has extensive experience in project management, risk management, operational management and contract management as well as experience in body guarding, crowd control, mobile patrols, static guarding, foot patrols, gatehouse duties and compliance management.

Erhard holds an Associate Diploma in Security Management, a Diploma in Security and Risk Management and is a respected martial arts instructor in Tae Kwon Jitsu and a defensive tactics instructor specialising in harm minimisation techniques specifically for the crowd control industry and the healthcare industry.