Complex Institute of Education is a specialist Registered Training Organisation and has been regarded as one of Australia’s premier security training organisation since 2000.

Complex Institute of Education is Master Licensee of AVSEC-1-ALERTTM   (A1A) - the world’s only holistic, totally-integrated airport ‘security and public safety awareness’ training program.   A1A marries Security / Intelligence protocols with commercial aviation reality and is endorsed by the Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) and the Australian International Pilots Association (AIPA). The unique A1A package developed by Homeland Security Asia/Pacific, took a team of Security/Intelligence, Crisis Management/Aviation and Public Safety experts four years to complete, including security audits of more than 100 airports. 

A1A is designed to cost effectively convert a disparate airport workforce into a highly trained ‘security aware’ community, capable of identifying and instantly reporting anything unusual or suspicious at airports worldwide.  A1A will make airports safer and more friendlier places for everyone.

The goals of A1A are to better protect the lives of thousands of airport workers; millions of passengers, global airline fleets and critical infrastructure worth trillions of dollars in replacement value.  The program complies with ICAO Annex 17 security measures, on ICAO affiliated airports, in 191 member countries.   

Existing airport security largely relies on ‘landside’ silo/stovepipe methodology, CCTV and passenger/baggage scanning, with no instantaneous incident reporting capability to apprehend an intruder.   

A1A takes a unique ‘eyes and ears’ approach to airport ‘security and public safety’, to mitigate the risk of terrorist attacks and curtail transnational crime. A1A can prevent other dangerous incidents from escalating, reduce theft and malicious damage and make air travel a safer, less stressful, friendlier experience.   

The A1A package addresses risks everyone involved with an airport can spot including: executives, pilots, cabin crew, cleaners, tanker drivers, baggage handlers, car rental agents, security officers, check-in staff, currency tellers, fast food and other retailers.   

The Australian Government is the first in the world to start the legislative process to make ‘security awareness training’ mandatory for the 300,000 strong workforces on 280 Australian airports. A1A can be delivered face-to-face; part face-to-face / e-learning; or via security enabled 100 per cent e-learning, in any language and is a half day intensive training program. 

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The A1A training program has been officially endorsed by the "Australian Airline Pilots' Association (AusALPA) and the "Transport Workers Union" (TWU).  

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